Happy Halloween

~ Happy Halloween from us all at Coul House Hotel ~

In the village of Contin, a mansion stands so grand,

Where the old oaks whisper secrets, in Coul House Hotel’s land.

Amongst the ancient woodland, shadows dance in the moon’s pale glow,

And tales of spectral sightings from centuries long ago.

Shrouded in Scottish mystique, up in the Ross-shire hills,

Haunted echoes resonate, sending eerie chills.

On the twilight of All Hallows’ Eve, specters start their play,

Dancing in the ballroom, before the break of day.

In each historic corridor, under every aging roof,

Unseen footprints patter, bearing spectral proof.

In every haunted chamber, you might hear a whisper light,

As spirits of the Coul House, celebrate the night.

This Halloween at Coul House, as the legends tell,

Join the merry ghosts in their annual, supernatural spell.

In the enchanting highland setting, the ghosts come out to roam,

At Coul House Hotel they dance, in their spectral Scottish home.


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