Coul name.

A Coul name for a Coul puppy.

We are looking for suggestions for a Coul Name for our little puppy we are keeping from Bella’s litter.

Our little girl is a feisty wee thing with lots of bounce. She was the smallest of the two puppies after the first weigh-in – but quickly surpassed her brother and is now significantly bigger and more active than him. She is very assertive, always pushing her brother away from the food bowl and from Bella when its time for more milk.

Currently, we are considering the following names:

· Charlie
· Coco
· Luna
· Curly
· Sassy

We’d love to hear your suggestions and perhaps even your own pets name to give us some inspiration. We will, of course, let you all know what we decide to call her.

Thank you all in advance and have a wonderfully Coul day.

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