Coul House Celebrations Scotland.

~ Coul House Celebrations, Scotland  ~

Stuart & Susannah recently went out for a hike up to the top of Tor Achility. Tor Achhilty is a challenging little hill that overlooks Contin that they have been looking to tackle for several years.  Some of the heather was so thick and the hill so steep that Bella Coul House Celebrations in the Scottish Highlands, Molly and Bella the Coul House Hotel Dogs getting a lift in Stuarts Rucksackand Molly could not advance, as you will see from the attached photo, and had to hitch a lift!

There is no route as such, which was part of the challenge. Stuart actually slipped/fell on the way down and hurt his knee, almost crushed Bella as he rolled. As a result, he was unable to walk the dogs for the last week☹.  

Feeling better now, and the leg is getting stronger each day, hopefully back out running and hiking again soon.

The hill has many little gullies hidden by the heather and still holds a fair bit of water, so it is not the best walk to send guests on. However, it was pretty spectacular at the top, and we will try to locate a more straightforward ascent next time to pass on to our gCoul House Celebrations in the Scottish Highlands. Stuart and Susannah MacPherson celebrating their wedding anniversary at the top of Tor Achhilty, Contin.uests.

As you can see, a little champagne was enjoyed at the top to celebrate.

If you’d like more information on Tor Achility, please click on the link below to visit the Walking The Highlands:

Hopefully, we’ll be welcoming you all back soon, and we can help you celebrate all the birthdays, anniversaries,  missed over the past few months at Coul House in Scotland.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Coul House Hotel.

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