Coul Dogs.

Coul Dogs - Guisachan Gathering

The weekend of the 21st of July saw the 150th Anniversary of the Golden Retriever Breed being establish by Lord Tweedmouth.  

Coul House had a delightful visit from KT and her owners Claudia and her partner who had driven KT all the way from Norfolk to attend. In do so assisted in creating a new record for the number of Golden retrievers congregated in one place to an astounding 361!!! The previous record was 222. 

Please see article in the local papers below:

Thank you very much for your hospitality! We enjoyed our stay with you very much. It was lovely how you accommodated us and our Goldie KT.

Coul dogs - Guisachan Gathering

It’s the little things, the sign down at the road when the satnav said to turn right, the progess reports in the information, the kindness and friendliness of all the staff and the considerations whether we’d like breakfast in the lounge so KT could join us. Thank you very much for that!