A Reading at Coul House Hotel.

~ Coul House Theatre presents ~

Coul House Hotel presents more Bicentennial Events…….. an Afternoon Tea with Esteemed Author Stuart McCulloch.
Scottish Author Stuart McCulloch, shares tales, and a few salacious stories from his historic account, A Scion of Heroes, including former Coul House residents……. Well from the 1800`s; no recent gossip!

Date: Tuesday the 16th November 2021 from 2:30pm till 4:30pm, with afternoon tea – Priced at £15 per person.

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A Reading at Coul House Hotel by Stuart McCulloch, from his historical book A Scion of Heroes.

This fascinating book is about Captain James Murray and his deals with Sir George Stuart Mackenzie here at Coul House in the 1830s.

Here’s what some readers had to say about the book:

‘Fascinating from start to finish.’

‘A fascinating historical biography. Gripping till the end. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

‘This is a page-turner. It’s almost a thriller, but it is, or so it seems, based on facts. Very much for adults, this looks at many aspects of Regency life: slavery, Napoleon, adultery; it’s all there. A British history student would love it.’

I very much enjoyed this historical work. As a biography, it works well on many levels. I particularly enjoyed the time spent on the man o’ war. A lot of work went into this, and anybody who finds history fascinating will find this fascinating.’

‘Set during the Regency era, this was a very interesting read. Being a history teacher, I knew a small number of aspects of this story, but 90% was news to me. I have a lot of respect for this author; his research is meticulous, and he is capable of turning all that hard work into an absorbing read.’

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